Monday, March 26, 2012

Tide Pods

I got a sample of Tide Pods in the mail and tried them. I think they worked great, unfortunately the sample only contained one pod which is good for one load. I used it on my towels, which turned out great. They were clean and smelled good, exactly what I have come to expect from Tide. They dissolved in the water almost instantly, so there was no worrying about if it was actually going to do the job or not. I will have to go buy some of these to try on my clothes too, when I do I will let you know how they turn out. Especially since my kids and I all have eczema combined with very sensitive skin and can't use just anything on our clothes and skin.  I'll let you all know how that turns out after I go and buy some to try on the clothes. Until then, they do work great on towels.

**Update, I got some more and used them on my kids clothes and mine. And the verdict is if you have sensitive skin you should NOT use Tide Pods. I love Tide and use Tide on my clothes and Tide free and clear on my kids clothes with no problem. However, the Tide Pods broke out all three of us.  My poor little baby girl got the worst of it as her skin is the most sensitive and she broke out from head to toe.  So while it does do a great job on getting clothes and towels clean and it smells great, it is not for those with sensitive skin. Maybe they will come out with a Free and Clear version for those of us with sensitive skin.

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