Friday, March 25, 2011

Poor baby cont.

Well, his rash is still there even though it has cleared up on his bottom. The doctors said it should clear up after his bottom does. Unfortunately, the dermatologist that accepts his insurance doesn't have any openings until June 13th. I hate seeing my little man itching so badly. I've been calling the dermatologist office everyday to check for cancellations and so far no luck. One of the nice receptionist I spoke with told me that Master's week is the best week to check for cancellations because they have a lot of cancellations that week. The only problem with that is getting to the doctor's office on Master's week. (yes, I live in the Augusta, Ga area) Traffic is horrible that week, I try my best not to leave the house for anything and I do mean anything. But if it means an end to my baby's suffering I'll do it. Anyways, thanks for your time. I'll keep ya posted.

Monday, March 21, 2011

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Poor baby

My poor son (3yrs old) has a bad rash covering his entire body. It started as a rash on his bottom and we thought it was just a diaper rash, so we treated for diaper rash. It didn't go away, so we thought maybe a heat rash. We let him run around naked for a little while each day. That didn't help, then the rash started to spread. (By this time he's had it almost 2 weeks) So I took him to the doctor and they said it's a yeast infection and that the rest of the rash is a reaction that the body has after having an infection too long. Well, that was last week on Tues. so we've been treating with Nystatin since three times daily and the rash on his bottom is clearing up. But the rash everywhere else is getting worse, much worse and my poor little fella is just clawing away. Even with me giving him Benadryl. Still not getting better just worse, so I took him to the doctor today again. His normal doctor was in the office today (His pediatrician is part of a group practice) and he saw him and said he's almost completely positive that the other doctor was right, but he wrote a prescription for Claritin to help with the itching and is referring my son to a specialist. Somehow that doesn't seem to me like he's very sure as to the fact that it's just a reaction to the yeast infection that my son has. I dunno, maybe it's just me. I just know that seeing my poor little man running around covered head to toe with this horrible rash is breaking my heart esp. since I know it's bothering him. He's almost constantly scratching even with taking the Benadryl, I really hope they can get us into the dermatologist soon, or that it goes away. I just feel so bad for my baby.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


My son is an extremely picky eater, he survives on Chicken nuggets, french fries, applesauce, yogurt, milk, juice, spaghetti, and sweets. I had heard from many different sources that Nutella was a great product, so I decided to see if my picky eater would eat it. I went out and bought a jar and tried it, to my surprise, not only did he eat it he actually asked for more. Which is something he usually doesn't do unless it's milk, juice, or candy. I was very surprised and will definitely make sure that this is one item that is always on hand. Great product.

I bought the product myself all opinions are 100% mine.