Friday, March 25, 2011

Poor baby cont.

Well, his rash is still there even though it has cleared up on his bottom. The doctors said it should clear up after his bottom does. Unfortunately, the dermatologist that accepts his insurance doesn't have any openings until June 13th. I hate seeing my little man itching so badly. I've been calling the dermatologist office everyday to check for cancellations and so far no luck. One of the nice receptionist I spoke with told me that Master's week is the best week to check for cancellations because they have a lot of cancellations that week. The only problem with that is getting to the doctor's office on Master's week. (yes, I live in the Augusta, Ga area) Traffic is horrible that week, I try my best not to leave the house for anything and I do mean anything. But if it means an end to my baby's suffering I'll do it. Anyways, thanks for your time. I'll keep ya posted.

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