Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Palmolive® soft touch™

Today I got an awesome surprise in the mail.

 I know awesome right, especially since I had a load of dishes in the sink that I needed to wash and this was just the motivation I needed to get in the kitchen and wash them. They both smell really good, I liked the way the Aloe one smelled the best so I used that one.

 Look at all the bubbles it made and I didn't even have to use a whole lot of soap to get that many and the smell lasted the entire time I was washing the dishes, and so did the bubbles. I was extremely shocked when I was finished washing all the dishes and saw this.

So I had completely finished washing all the dishes and there were still suds and the water still smelled amazing.

Now I know so what there are suds left. I didn't have to empty the sink and run a second sinkful of water to get these to still be there at the end like I usually do. And the dishes were clean, I was really surprised at how well this product worked. I didn't have a ton of scrubbing to do or anything. And my hands feel really soft after having washed my entire sinkful of dishes. They were a little wrinkly from being in the water but they were really soft, and still are. :)

This is what my hands looked like after washing dishes. :) They are so soft right now it's amazing, they are usually only this soft right after I have put lotion on. Needless to say I really like this product and will be purchasing this next time I need dish soap. 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are however 100% mine. #PolmoliveSoftTouch +Influenster 

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