Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crest 3D Whitestrips

This is what I got in the mail!

Thanks to the awesome folks at Influenster and Crest I got the chance to try some Crest 3D Whitesrips. My fiance actually tried them for me. He was even more excited than I was so I let him try them.

This is before
This is after 3 days

I took the day three picture because Crest claims that you will start seeing results in as little as three days. I really can't tell the difference at this point, but we'll keep trying. He hasn't finished using them yet, after he finishes I will update this post with a final at the end of using them picture. Chase (my fiance) says that he has to dry his teeth before putting them on because otherwise they slip around on his teeth. He also said that the peroxide taste is pretty bad, especially if he drinks water (the directions say you can drink water while wearing them) with them on. He usually brushes his teeth immediately after taking them off due to the residual peroxide taste. Also he said they barely cover his teeth. Other than that he said they're pretty good. 

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